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Area Rug Binding


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Why area rug binding is so important

Your area rugs provide both protection for your floors, plus a definite decor component that adds classic elegance to any space. Functioning on more than one level, these are actually very important pieces of your home’s decor. The binding at the edges of your area rugs is very important to the rug as a whole, with its overall purpose being longevity. With no binding, a rug would quickly fray, unravel, and become a complete eyesore wherever it’s placed. Binding not only protects your investment in the rug but beautifies it as well.

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Area Rug Binding in Waynesburg, PA area from Slugger's Carpet

Area rug binding information

There are a few main ways in which area rug binding can be carried out, including binding, fringing, and serging. Each one is a little different and provides separate characteristics that may serve your needs better than the others.

Fringing is a way of finishing area rug binding with fringes, tassels, or knotted fibers, and is most often done in colors that off-white or neutral in nature. Hand-knotted rugs are the ones most likely to feature fringes, but certainly not the only ones. In these rugs, they are actually necessary elements and part of the “ending” of the rug making process. On rugs that have been created by the use of a machine, fringes are strictly decorative in nature.

Another type of area rug binding is serging, which is also sometimes called overlocked stitching. It looks as if it has been done completely by hand, but it’s actually done with an industrial sewing machine made just for this purpose. The thick fibers appearance to have wrapped around the rug edges over and over and usually appear on high-end rugs where something more than simple binding is necessary. General binding is usually done to tidy up rough edges around a rug edge made of carpet remnants. In this case, the area rug binding can utilize heavy tape or industrial sewing machine. It’s easier and less expensive than either of the other types of binding.