Let’s face it – everyone isdifferent. Some people love asparagus, while others can’t stand it. The same cango with different types of flooring. You may not be a fan of laminate, but lovecarpet. Then there are the multitude of colors and styles. Saxony, plush, shag,berber, blue, green, beige, tan – the list goes on and on.

It only takes one trip toyour local retailer – Slugger’s Carpet – to realize the vast range of colors,patterns and textures of carpet in our showroom in Waynesburg, PA and in ouronline catalog. Homeowners in Uniontown, PA, Washington, PA and Morgantown,WV can take advantage of our selection of carpet and our knowledge of ourproducts. With our help we can help you figure out what flavor your carpet isand what is the best fit for your home.

When it comes to designingyour home, sometimes you need to “spice” things up a bit. How do you do that?Well, if you think about what the definition of spice means;

spice (noun), something that enriches or alters the qualityof a thing;
a dash, touch or taste that gives zest; (verb)to make pleasing.

Good spices, probably some of your favorites, are thosedashes and touches that give zest to your favorite dishes to make them morepleasing. Adding new carpeting to yourhome can have the same effect as spices. It will add color, warmth and style towhichever room you decide to renovate.

Carpet gives you (and interiordesigners) a lot of versatility when decorating a home. You can make a boldstatement with a vibrant black shag carpet or go the subtle route with aneutral beige carpet for your living room. There are so many options, it is agood thing you found Slugger’s Carpet in Waynesburg, PA. Our team is ready,willing and able to take your likes, dislikes and design ideas, and help youmake the best decision for your home.

Don’t hesitate any longer –stop by Slugger’s Carpet today, or check out our carpet catalog to get someideas. Homeowners in Uniontown, PA, Washington, PA and Morgantown, WV know we are their neighborhood flooring store and we are always here tohelp.