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Flooring Installation


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Lots of facts regarding flooring installation

Each different floor covering on the market has its own special requirements for installation. In fact, some make a professional flooring installation absolutely necessary while others are more easily installed with DIY procedures. Discussing all the details with your flooring specialist is incredibly important. Some manufacturers have warranties that will be voided if professional installation is not provided when your floors are installed. It’s not worth the chance, nor the cost of replacing your floors if something happens some years down the road.

Slugger's Carpet carries a great line of floor coverings and provide a wealth of services to make them everything you need them to be in your own home.Our knowledgeable associates are friendly and ready to assist you as you search for the perfect floor covering. You are invited to visit us at your convenience at our Waynesburg, PA showroom. From there, we serve the areas of Waynesburg, Washington, and Uniontown, and also Morgantown, WV.
Flooring Installation in Waynesburg, PA area from Slugger's Carpet

Different materials and different flooring installation

Solid hardwood, natural stone, porcelain tile, and carpet are some of the hardest floor coverings for a novice installer to undertake. A flooring installation like these not only requires a great deal of expertise in dealing with these materials but also a number of special tools that aren’t readily on hand by those who’ve never installed flooring before. There are plenty of tutorials that can help get the job done, but is that really a chance you want to take?

Laminate is a little easier to install, with a floating floor system. The pieces simply click and lock together, most often over a moisture barrier and underlayment that helps prevent the notorious clicking sound that accompanies footfall on this product. Vinyl flooring is also easier than wood or stone, but certain materials must be installed with care. Sheet vinyl, for instance, can often use one continuous sheet of vinyl for most average sized rooms, and great care must be taken in laying it perfectly. A great professional flooring installation really starts when the installation team gets to know your exact needs and preferences. We’ll be happy to keep you up to pace with every step of the process when we complete your installation. It’s important that we make sure we communicate with you your responsibilities, such as moving furniture or valuables, as well as communicating what is expected of us, such as friendly, professional ethics the entire time we’re in your home.